3-tier Connection Terminals OMRON DRT1-D16T(-1)

3-tier Connection Terminals OMRON DRT1-D16T(-1)


These new I/O Terminals have a 3-tier Terminal Block (16 I/O points). Six models are available: Input Terminals, I/O Terminals, and Output Terminals with NPN and PNP variations.
Simplified wiring (Wires do not need be wired to the same terminal and terminal locations are clearer.)
Reduced design and wiring time.
Uses detachable cassette-type circuit construction.
With DRT1-@D16TA(-1) models, internal circuit power supply is supplied from the communications power supply side.

Тип ввода/вывода Internal I/O common Количество точек ввода/вывода Модель
Вход NPN (+ common) 16 DRT1-ID16TA
PNP (- common) DRT1-ID16TA-1

NPN (Input: + common; Output: - common)

8 входов/8 выходов DRT1-MD16TA

PNP (Input: - common; Output: + common)

Выход NPN (- common) 16 DRT1-OD16TA
PNP (+ common) DRT1-OD16TA-1
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